Let the good times roll! A group of my friends out in Savannah, GA have started their own online comic, which went live recently. Check it out, they do some amazing work! Monday Night Crew


Some great Artists and Animators:
Kiel Figgins: A killer animator with a very informitive site, and some outstanding animation. I recently had the pleasure of working with Kiel on a side project, and I can't speak highly enough of him, and the team he had assembeled.
Jarrod Showers: A good friend of mine, and one of Raven software's longest running animators.
Ryan Watson: Another great animator with Raven and a good guy to know.
Zack Quarles: A good friend, and former Raven ally.
Jeff Unay : A wonderful modeler, former coworker, and a great guy.
Stephen Vyas: A great animator who contributes often to CGTalk.com
Kimberly Sanchez : One of the most talented and hard working animators I know. She's going to make a name for herself.
Christopher Adams: He says technical animator, which he does an amazing job at. But he's also a killer character animator. A pleasure to work with.


And a few good sites on the 3d and animation topics:
inspiring-reels : THE place to see some amazing animation reels. Also, check out the personal site of the creator (Tim Linklater), some really amazing work.
Spinquad: This Lightwave inspired forum was started by my close friend, William (Proton) Vaughan. Not only is this the top place to find anything lightwave, it's also host to some of the friendliest and most tallented people, period.
Strut Your Reel: Want to see good demo reel examples? Here's a collection of some of the best animation on the net!
cg-char: Animation Critiques just don't get any better than here. Some of the most thoughtful and talented animators haunt this site.
cgchannel.com : The CG Industry's top news and reviews site
cgtalk.com : The CG Industry's most used forum.
highend3d.com A good place for many of your tutorial needs, as well as a great forum.
3dbuzz.com : THE place for tutorials and info
gamasutra.com Game industry site. Just oozing great information!
awn.com Animation World Network.
HDRI 3D: This is a great publication for the 3D industry. Not only can you find articles written by industry vets, you can also find articles written by me... I play an industry vet in my spare time.


Animation Schools:
The Dave School: I had the distinct honor of being a guest speaker here. While here, I got to see how this place works. I was blown away! Aside from having top notch industry pros teaching here, they have the best teaching methods I've seen. For the final project, they assign a full production, professional quality 10 minute short to their students. Each student takes on a role, and it's treated like their first job in the industry. Very smart and even more effective! Highly recommended!
SCAD: Savannah College of Art and Design - the college I graduated from, and still one of the better for training in all sections of the entertainment business. They also have an amazing traditional art career path, which most CG colleges are lacking.
VFS: The Vancouver Film School - man, if I don't mention this, some of my friends will never let me live it down. With such passionate grads backing their school so hard, it must be excellent!
Animation Mentor: Get trained by today's most influential industry pros that work at such companies as Pixar, ILM, Disney, etc.... and you can see why it's highly regarded as the internet's top place to learn animation!


Gaming Related Sites:
Gamespot: My favorite site for gaming news and reviews.
IGN: Another outstanding site for gaming news and reviews.
GameRankings: Want to know how good a game is? This site averages out all the reviews, for an uber-review.
GameSpy: More PC centric, with plenty of great reviews and news. Also the biggest hub for online PC gaming.
1up: A very interesting site brought to you by the publishers of EGM and PCGamer.
MobyGames: Want a list of people who worked on "Hooters Road Trip"? Here, you can find that, as well as tons of other vital information for your favorite games, publishers, and developers.
Penny Arcade: THE greatest web comic, period. The writing and art are both top notch, and the daily rants of Tycho and Gabe are the stuff of legend.
PAX: Every year, the folks of Penny Arcade have a convention. It's really just an excuse to gather like-minded people to play wireless DS games, which is all I need to know to get excited. In reality, it's much more akin to a fan version of E3-lite, mixed with table top, console and lan free-play. Let me know if you're going! I'll be there with my Advance Wars DS!
Jeanne's Great Game Links: A great collection of information on tons of current, and older games. Jeanne knows her stuff.