iAnimate update: the Jan 2015 semester is nearly at an end.

Just a few weeks away from the end of the semester with iAnimate.net. The class is doing so well, and I’m impressed with their progress each week. The above clip was a class demo where I created it bit by bit during my weekly lectures. It’s been a fun ride with a good crew.

There are a bunch of great instructors over at iAnimate. If you’ve been thinking about learning animation, or just want to improve your skills, go check them out. I know, this sounds like an advertisement, but it’s not. I only teach one semester a year, so I won’t be back at iA until 2016. I just have a lot of respect for the school, and their process. There are a ton of colleges, technical schools, and online schools who teach animation and game design. But what I feel separates iA are the instructors who all work day-jobs making games for a living. It’s not just passed-down knowledge, it’s the latest advancements from the front lines from the people making those advancements. It’s the information that’ll eventually trickle-down to the average school.

As for other schooling options, I have a buddy, Jarrod teaching over at animschool who I know is fantastic. Also the DAVE school down in Orlando is a great place. My buddy William is one of the guys running the show down there, and he’s a fantastic mentor.

That bucket came from the moon…

August 21st, Bungie was called out by the makers of Warframe to the ALS ice bucket challenge. I was also called out by my friend Andy Hood. So, when it was time to craft Bungie’s response, I made sure to get involved to satisfy both call-outs after I donated. Here, I did the work on the player, and a little bit of an assist on the wizard’s final shot. The player animation is made up of 8 different, older mocap clips from a few old shoots I acted. I animated them with some keyframe work to bind them all together. The entire shot needed to be posted on the web in just over 24 hours, so we had to work quickly. The team did a great job putting it all together in such a short time frame. I work with some serious bad-asses.


Gameplay Footage

Here’s a quick montage of some of the animation I’ve been doing for Destiny. This footage was sourced from bungie.net, as well as a couple user streams from our recent beta.

I was the player, vehicle and animation tech lead on Destiny. In this footage, 3rd person player animation, the Devil Walker, and the Thrall running is my work. I’ll be releasing my new animation show-reel after Destiny’s release on September 9th. Looking forward to getting your feedback!

Destiny Progress Update

Destiny Experience Gameplay Trailer

I know, I know… This website has been a tomb for a very long time… but I’m waking it up, and getting it used to the light once more. Very soon, I’ll be updating everything on this site to reflect my latest animation work on Destiny, Bungie’s latest game! In the link above, you can get an idea about what to expect from us. More to come!