Animation Reel

Quicktime (high quality)

Animation Reel Breakdown: (unless specified otherwise, all animation was done by me)

  1. Mouse Tale – Opening clip. This was for a friend’s animated short, which never got off the ground.
  2. Halo Reach – All content shown was keyframe animated by me. I did introduce mocap to Bungie during this project, but I didn’t include any of my Halo Reach mocap work on this reel.
  3. Blue Man Fu – (The naked blue guy) Animated by me as a study of complex human locomotion. All keyframe based on reference I found on youtube.
  4. XMen: Legends – Some older body mechanics work I keyframed. This was done way back before I had ever used mocap before.
  5. Ninja Flip – This was a fun little test I did for a friend’s mesh.
  6. Condemned 1: Kung Fu guy – Some more body mechanics I keyframed. The first clip is an attack in the game. The second clip was me trying to learn how to use motion builder. I also keyframed the cloth.
  7. Condemned 2 footage – From the Tarman leaping attack, to the TV kill, it’s all keyframe animation I did for Condemned 2.
  8. Red Devil Guy – This is from a short called Devils, Angels & Dating. This was the shot I signed up for.
  9. Scion’s Little Deviants – An older TV commercial some friends and I did for Shilo. In the green goo shot, I animated the guy in the lower right. The headless shot, I animated the headless guy.
  10. Tofu the Vegan Zombie – I animated this little freak. He was a project I did with my good friend William Vaughan.
  11. Mocap – From this point on, these Condemned 1 & 2 clips are examples of my mocap work. I heavily edit my mocap to look more impactfull and stylized. I usually work in layers over the data.